Bridal Makeup

Last updated: January 03, 2009

Makeup Your every moment will be captured on film on your big day, so you want your makeup to look perfect!  It should highlight your features and compliment both your face and your dress.

Decide on your look
Look through magazines, pictures of friend's weddings, etc. and find ideas for your beautiful bridal look.  Shop around at speciality cosmetic stores such as Sephora and Ulta, or visit the makeup counters in department stores.  Makeup consultants know a great deal about all kinds of makeup and can help you choose what would look best for you.  Some places allow you to have a trial session so you can see exactly how your makeup will look on our wedding day.

You may either have your makeup done professionally, or do it yourself.  Makeup professionals are usually more knowledgeable about the kinds and colors that would look best and are trained in how to apply it.  You can save money by doing your makeup on your own, or have a friend do it.

Do it yourself tips:
1. Apply a mositurizer to your face
2. Apply foundation
3. Brush on translucent powder
4. Apply blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara
5. Finish with long-lasting lipstick

Adjust your makeup for day/evening and indoor/outdoor lighting.  Light, natural colors look best for a causal daytime wedding while bolder, more dramatic colors look stunning in the evening.  Most do well to stick with their usual look.  Dramatic makeup changes can make you look very different.  Try and stay away from bold, bright, glittery colors.  This can draw attention away from your natural beauty.  If you choose to wear fake eyelashes, you run the risk of them falling off or rotating throughout the day.  Stay away from products you have never used before.  You wouldn't want to have an allergic reaction on your wedding day!

  • Wear waterproof mascara
  • Choose a lightweight foundation
  • Blend well
  • Use a bright lipstick
  • Shade your brows
  • Use concealer on blemishes and dark circles
  • Use eye drops to get rid of red, tired eyes

If you don't already have a skin care regimen, you should start one at least a few months before your wedding.  Don't try new scrubs or moisturizers days before your wedding, as this can lead to allergies, dryness, and breakouts.  Eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

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