Wedding Registry

Last updated: October 30, 2008

Your registry is meant for your guests to help you start stocking your home.  The main things you will want to register for are basic kitchen appliances, flatware, bed and bath items, formal china, cooking accessories, and dinnerware.  Think about what you need for everyday, as well as special holiday events or get-togethers.  Most stores have the option for you to add gift cards on your registry as well.

If you like to host dinner parties, these are some things you might want to add on your registry:
Service plate, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer, butter dish, silverware, salt and pepper shaker, gravy boat, serving platter, sugar bowl, pitcher, coffee pot, tea pot, napkins, napkin rings, candles, serving utensils, wine or cocktail glasses.

Keep in mind that your guests have different budgets, so you should register for items that range in price.  It is good to choose a store that is known nationwide and has the option to purchase gifts online.  This is convenient for family and friends who live out of town or for guests who just prefer to shop online.

Your registry may be traditional or non-traditional.  Whatever you choose, just make sure you have enough items on your registry in different price ranges.  You will also want to check your registry regularly up until your wedding day, as you may need to add more items.  Be sure to have more items on your registry than guests! 

Register as soon as you get engaged!  Friends and family might want to get you an engagement or pre-wedding gift.  You don’t need to have your entire registry finished by then, but have a few items with a little variety they can choose from.   Register together.  Go through your stuff and make a note of things you already have, and things you will need or want for the near future.  If the groom knows more about electronics, maybe let him take over that part of the registry.  If the bride is the cook, let her take over the kitchen items.  

You may register at as many stores as you like; there is no set number.  You should choose where you want to register based on what you need, your unique interests, and your location.  Some couples like to register at many different stores so guests can choose from different varieties and prices.  The bride may want to register at a spa or beauty supply store, the groom may want to register at a sports or electronic store, there might be items from a specialty cooking store you want.  There are also stores that offer perks if you register with them, such as a discount on remaining items from your registry after you wedding.  

Other things to consider when choosing items for your registry:
 -When choosing items such as china, causal dinnerware, or flatware, think about how many place settings you will need.  The recommended number of place settings is twelve, but you may need more or less depending on if you are going to be hosting parties or not.
-Try to steer clear from seasonal items.  There are usually a limited number of seasonal items for a limited time period.  If you add a seasonal item, it may be on your registry one day and out of stock the next.
-Don’t add china or crystal on your registry if you aren’t the party hosting type.  It used to be tradition for the bride to choose her china pattern, but times have changed and many people don’t use china as much as they used to.  If you don’t think you will ever use your china, save some storage space and choose something else that you will like and use regularly.

Write thank you notes!  Thank you notes should be sent within ten days of receiving an engagement, pre-wedding, or shower gift.  For gifts received on your wedding day, notes should be sent out within two weeks after you return from your honeymoon.