Clanton Wedding Vendors

Clanton Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in Clanton, Alabama.

Local News

  • Brent's Blog: Father of the Groom = FOG
    At The Clanton Hacienda, the household is aflutter with final preparations being made for the wedding of our Firstborn Son. The responsibilities of the family on the groom's side are not as severe as they are for the family of the ...
  • Brent's Blog: Father of the Bride: Going Postal
    I do not own a tuxedo, and will not be singing Tom Jones songs in the attic of The Clanton Hacienda. The FOB has many duties, but the Prime Directive is to Stay Out of The Way. The Secondary Directive is to be as useful as possible, ... I went to the Post Office today to get some special stamps for the RSVP-cards that will be going out this week in the invitations to my daughter's wedding…wanted something classy to match the theme of the occasion: A wedding cake stamp, ...
  • Brent's Blog: Dear Abby: Bad Advice
    ... because we're working on a couple of weddings-in-progress at The Clanton Hacienda. There are few areas of life more potently political, and fraught with landmines and opportunities upon which to impale oneself than wedding planning. ...