Wickenburg Wedding Vendors

Wickenburg Wedding Vendors
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  • The Date Creek Rd/Santa Maria River Adventure « Only Sometimes Clever
    The wedding, btw, was a rather unusual affair: It was actually the 38th anniversary of the couple getting married. The groom's family is going through a reclamation of their Puerto Rican heritage which had been lost some 40+ years ago, ... We went through Wickenburg, then north via the US-93 and AZ-89 up past Congress. About 2 miles past Congress (whose main attraction is a giant rock painted like a frog), we headed north on Date Creek Road, which is also known as ...
  • An Eclectic Mind » Reach Out and Meet Someone
    I went to his wedding and, when I moved out to Arizona, he, his wife, and their new baby spent a day with us. When he set up his own consulting firm, he sent me a full complement of his high-class giveaways. ... The trouble is, our friends around here are either 20 to 30 years older than we are (remember, Wickenburg is a retirement community) or, if they're younger, they're transient, passing through Wickenburg on their way to someplace where they're not always the ...
  • Kelley and Rene's Wedding: Wedding Weekend Plans
    We are thankful for having you attend the wedding, so please, if you would like to keep some time for yourselves don't feel like you have to make every extra activity. We would like this to be your weekend as well! ... wish you the very best and look forward to seeing pictures and hearing about the festivities. Again, please accept our most sincere apologies for having to cancel at the last minute. Much love to you and your family. Jeanne and Charlie Petersen (Wickenburg) ...