Maine Wedding Bakers

Maine Wedding Bakers
wedding bakers
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  • my madeleine: Wedding Cake
    The ceremony took place next to the ocean up in Maine. I stood near the lighthouse with the other bridesmaids in a line of deep blue fabric around noon. I watched Colin, who wore a kilt and a yellow rose on his chest, ... Baking a wedding cake is all about the planning. It requires a lot of ingredients and a lot of equipment. It requires time. More time than I gave myself, really. I left the residency in Woodstock and arrived at my mother's house in Boston on Wednesday ...
  • Abbie & Paul: Backyard Freeport Maine wedding
    Abbie, a well-known Maine wedding photographer and longtime photography instructor at North Yarmouth Academy, was going to be busy overseeing the process, and Paul, an organization development consultant, had nary a free day with client ...
  • Cake, Anyone? Two Fat Cats
    Baking from scratch with fresh, local ingredients makes all the difference in their products, which range from whoopie pies to cookies and shortbreads. Of course wedding cakes and cupcakes are also available, and Two Fat Cats can ...