Glen Cove Wedding Bakers

Glen Cove Wedding Bakers
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Let us know if you can't find the bakers you're looking for in Glen Cove, New York.

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  • Wedding Cake Trends
    Her bakery, Michele Brown Baking, is in Glen Cove, N.Y. Modern Baking spoke to several bakers from across the country, and while each decorator has his or her own specialties, several common decorating themes emerged across the nation. ...
  • my big fat chinese wedding: Celebrate carbs and calories!
    Michele Brown Baking was our last stop. I don't remember what her sample was but it's interesting that she offers demo classes at her bakery (too bad it's in Glen Cove). She charges $6/slice (starting?) for tiered buttercream cakes and ...
  • Bob Byerly's beautiful mind « Glen Arbor Sun
    Here, and in Bob's Project House at nearby Tamarack Cove, the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with writing — projects that Bob envisioned at the spur of a moment, and most of which he never finished. ... When Bruce arrived this summer to clean out his belongings, he found baseballs covered in autographs from the entire Tigers' team and a freezer full of baseball articles from old newspapers and film rolls, covered in plates of baking soda to keep them fresh. ...