Vestal Wedding Bakers

Vestal Wedding Bakers
wedding bakers
Let us know if you can't find the bakers you're looking for in Vestal, New York.

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  • EGO » Blog Archive » The Wedding Issue
    The wedding dress itself was taken from the Vestal Virgins and supposed to signify that the bride was a virgin up to the day of her marriage. At Roman weddings, a parade (now the exit down the aisle from the altar), was accompanied by a procession ... The modern wedding cake is often so complex and elaborate that the average bakery can't make what brides and their mother's dream about. Specialist wedding cake patissiers have developed as a subset of the baking industry. ...
  • Binghamton Area Bridal Show Event in April
    Proudly presents "A Pamper Party". Sunday April 29th 2007 2- 5 PM at 400 Mirador Place in Vestal New York. What a nice way to treat the ladies in your wedding party to a day just for them. Meet with area stylists, spa services, bakers, ...
  • IN REMEMBRANCE: 1-4-2009
    Marley lived for a time and romanced Rita Anderson before their 1966 wedding. Today it is a museum, the Trenchtown Culture Yard, one of the few attractions that draws tourists into Kingston’s troubled inner city. ...