Maine Wedding Caterers

Maine Wedding Caterers
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  • Second Dinner: Maine Wedding Cake, Part II: The Maine Event
    From the big house, to the good people, to the rosemary on the chairs, and the thoughtful, gorgeous, catering (not to mention the bluegrass band), Stacey and Avi's wedding was the best kind of show--one that helps all concerned to ...
  • :: Sweetest Thing Weddings :: : maine wedding spot
    Amber Small first became acquainted with the wedding industry while working for a catering company and then as a photographer's assistant. It was this behind the-scenes view that allowed her to notice just how many brides weren't able ...
  • In the kitchen |
    Meet Craig Spinney, the executive chef at Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery, Maine. Not only does he serve oysters from Spinney Creek, but the creek was named after an ancestor of his. Spinney, a native of Eliot, Maine, now lives in Kittery. ... "People thought I was crazy to cater my own wedding," laughed Spinney, "but I wanted to do this and so I did. It was a great time." When Spinney is not cooking at Robert's, or at home, or catering his own wedding, he and his new ...