San Mateo Churches

San Mateo Churches
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Local News

  • Word of Truth: Preaching at San Mateo, Tumauini, Isabela
    The brethren at San Mateo Church of Christ located at San Mateo, Tumauini, Isabela conducted a gospel meeting with the goal of encouraging the brethren and introducing the church of our Lord Jesus Christ to friends and visitors. ...
  • "YO-YO" in Paradise... Costa Rica: Church on Sunday
    Recently, I made a trip to San Jose to renew my residency and on the way back I got a great surprise. The church in San Mateo that was looking pretty poor has finally been renovated. It was late so I couldn't stop and go inside but ...
  • first presbyterian church san mateo, ca worship/ full time
    san mateo, ca contact information position description director of music and worship the primary responsibilities of this position include leading the people of god into the presence of god, ...