Pueblo Churches

Pueblo Churches
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Local News

  • The American Spectator : Misremembering History
    Mexican and Indian insurgents gathered into the ancient Taos Pueblo, with many of them in its church. Across three days, Price's forces pounded the thick pueblo walls and church with cannon and explosives, eventually blasting through ...
  • Reflections: Connections and Reflections
    On September 6th I was honored to install Josh Richardson as the Senior Pastor of Pueblo Christian Center, Pueblo, CO. Congratulations to Josh and Audra. The service was very meaningful with a video depiction of the history of the church, ... Half of the tickets for the event were given to churches and half to Mormons. Several thousand people attended. The Tabernacle was packed with many viewing the service from nearby venues. A clear presentation of the gospel was given ...
  • we move to canada: grants to acoma pueblo to albuquerque, part 1
    For that reason, during a famous pueblo revolt, the altar was burned but the church itself was spared. Huge wooden beams hold the ceiling, all hand carried from a distant mesa, and never allowed to touch the ground. ...