Delaware Churches

Delaware Churches
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Local News

  • Churches Unite for National Alpha Outreach
    The Alpha outreach helped unite 175 churches in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey as they worked together to advertise the course on the radio, in local shops and even in movie theaters. "The churches that are coming on board ...
  • Teaching Children About Sin Versus Protecting Their Self Esteem
    Brenna Phillips is the Children's-Family Minister at Mission Fellowship Church in Middletown, Delaware, and teaches 3-4 year old students at an early childhood learning center. ...
  • Health Insurance's War Against Women : Delaware Liberal
    When churches, blogs, and assemblies start ripping holes through people's abdomens every Saturday night, they will be licensed faster than ... anon on Self-Control Issues | Sep 17th 4:23 pm; Somehow it's a choice affecting women. ...