Seaford Churches

Seaford Churches
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  • Seaford Baptist Church » Enter The Zone – 'It's A Good Life'
    Does most of our boasting come from following the rules of 'church' or of faith in Jesus? How so? If we lived by faith alone and ignored the law, would we be good people OR would we have no way to measure what was right and wrong? ...
  • Seaford Baptist Church
    Jack Ryan Duffer who is of 40 years of age of Seaford Road and is a youth pastor has been arrested by the police. He has been arrested in the charge of having.
  • Seaford Baptist Church » What's REALLY Important? (Youth Sunday ...
    My church – God thought this was pretty important, but we often hear 'go to the church of your choice' or we learn how unimportant it is when our parents drop us off and don't attend (we learn that stuff by observation) themselves. ...