Waycross Churches

Waycross Churches
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Local News

  • Waycross GA: More Non-Profits Doing it Wrong in Waycross GA
    Church corporations in the business of selling food. Not to harp on it or beat a dead horse, but where are the permits, licenses, taxes being paid, inspections, and how about those people you put out of work? Huh? City of Waycross - get ...
  • Stetler's: Presenting Missions at Churches in the South
    Presenting Missions at Churches in the South. Waycross, Alabama Covington, Georgia Easley, South Carolina Stanton, Alabama. Our home away from home on the campground in Pell City, Alabama. Posted by Beth Stetler at 8:13 PM ...
  • Waycross GA: Another Waycross GA Non-Profit Doing it Wrong
    I'm all for a church doing the work of the church, but when a church goes in business, they should be treated like one. What about all of the other dining establishments in Waycross GA that are doing it right, following the rules, ...