Kaneohe Churches

Kaneohe Churches
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Local News

  • The Hawaii Independent – Kaneohe News
    That program, co-founded by Wood in 2004, is run out of various churches and can only host 14 people at a time, a number which makes only a slight dent in the larger issue. “I think there's a serious problem – much more serious than it ...
  • kaneohe
    pacific union churches posted a photo: kaneohe adventist church - hawaii - hawaii conference.
  • The Kihleng Family
    ... April 8 - Sequoia Baptist Church, Visalia, CA; April 12 - Faith Baptist Church, N. Highlands, CA; April 22 - Koolau Baptist Church, Kaneohe, HI; April 26 - Ohana Baptist Church, Honolulu, HI; April 28 - ARRIVE HOME ON POHNPEI ...