Illinois Churches

Illinois Churches
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  • Southern Illinois Catholic: Reading a Church
    This blog was created to discuss the Roman Catholic Church in the Belleville Illinois Diocese and the Church in general. Sometimes economic and political matters enter in, generally with Catholic consideration. Peggy is responsible for ...
  • Partners for Sacred Places - Chicago Office: Chicago Architecture ...
    This annual bus tour will visit five churches by famous architects in a variety of architectural styles. Houses of worship included on this year's tour include: Baha'i House of Worship, Wilmette, Illinois Christ Church (Episcopal) ...
  • Illinois Review: "Is Sen. Barack Obama's church racist?"
    Instead of asking the question over and over, why not just answer it? Okay. "Yes, Barack Obama's church is racist." There, I said it. I've visited Trinity United Church of Christ, we've heard from Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Jr. He teaches.