Greenwood Churches

Greenwood Churches
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Local News

  • Watch this space: Notes on my Greenwood talk coming soon - BatesLine
    Private individuals, businesses, and churches rebuilt Greenwood after the riot. A democratically elected city government, using public funds, demolished almost all of it in the name of urban renewal. Admittedly, the democratic process ...
  • Signs of Greenwood's rebuilding - BatesLine
    The churches, and the dates on their cornerstones, beg the question: If there wasn't a rebuilt neighborhood nearby, why were the churches rebuilt there? (Further, why did congregations build newer fancier buildings in the late '50s and ...
  • The Greenwood Movement « Friends of Justice
    But when strange characters like the bookish Bob Moses (pictured above) and yarmulke-wearing James Bevel started speaking in Greenwood's churches something new was afoot. Gaining a foothold in Greenwood wasn't easy. ...