Adrian Churches

Adrian Churches
Let us know if you can't find the churches you're looking for in Adrian, Michigan.

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  • What Can YOU Do To Help An Author?
    Opinions expressed in this blog are Adrian Warnock's alone, and do not represent the views of his church, employer or anyone else for that matter! Material is often provided for your research purposes rather than as an endorsement. ...
  • Gentle Wisdom┬╗ Blog Archive ┬╗ I want it all too!
    But this is not Adrian's main point. His point is that there is so much that the church is missing out on, because either congregations are going to one extreme at the expense of the others, or they are seeking some kind of balance ...
  • Strangers & Aliens: The importance of sorrow and lament
    adrian reynolds. 0 Comments ». Have you ever noticed how much of the song book of the Bible is made up of sorrow and lament? Were the ancient people of God a particularly morose bunch? Does the victory of Christ mean that we ... The big prayers of the Old Testament are driven by shame and grief and lament. Searching our souls and the state of our churches is not always a happy experience - but a necessary one if we are to throw ourselves at the feet of the living God. ...