Allen Park Churches

Allen Park Churches
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  • 20 years ago today
    Someone told them about a private school over in Allen Park and they checked into Inter-City Christian School. They decided to enroll my sister, then three days after school started, I started up too (my other sister had to wait for an ...
  • Lawsuit Spotlights Obscure Black Community - WSB News on
    Macedonia Park was both a product and a casualty of its time. When nearby white residents decided to build a park, they forced their black neighbors out and razed the subdivision, leveling the homes and the church of Daugherty's boyhood. ... In its place, the county built Bagley Park, named for a well-respected black businessman and resident of Buckhead, William Bagley. The park became home to a neighborhood baseball program and in 1980 was renamed for Frankie Allen, ...
  • Church Of Christ church, Allen Park, Michigan - Civil Defense ...
    This Shelter is located on Outer Drive in Allen Park.