Grand Rapids Churches

Grand Rapids Churches
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Local News

  • Day 1: Getting Ready in Grand Rapids
    Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI, to start their 15 day journey to Siberia. In addition to their personal belongings, the mission team members carried gifts and supplies to Siberia for their fellow Christians.
  • Grand Rapids Michigan, Thursday Night
    He has helped start several churches; he's an active voice around emergent village, and he is an accomplished writer as well as an amazing father of two great little girls. His blog can be found at ...
  • emergent west michigan: Karen Ward in Grand Rapids, Sept 26 event
    Karen Ward at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids NE on Saturday 26 from 10am - 3pm. Karen launched a faith community called Church of the Apostles (COTA or Apostles Church for short) several years ago, which aligns itself with ...