Southgate Churches

Southgate Churches
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Local News

  • In Their Path 2009: May 17th 2009
    The “Safe house” where I stayed: Tom and Barbara George They are members of Holy Cross Church. We went to 8 am mass this morning. Yes I said 8 am! The church is in the round like a theatre. It is really exquisite, there were beautiful sculptures throughout. One of Jesus on the cross, except there was no cross, so interesting. I was told that the sculpture originally had a cross except that it was too heavy to display with the ... Joan Southgate. View my complete profile.
  • In Their Path 2009: Sunday, May 24, 2009
    After church we talked with 93 year old Margaret Ticknor and her daughters. Although she is small, rather frail and has had a stroke, today, during our brief conversation she was alert and engaged, even correcting some details of Austinburg's rich history. Her daughter, Ginny was pleasantly surprised. Later Ginny gave an exciting tour of the Cowles family home. Ginny is an historian and tour guide, who showed us many authentic ... Joan Southgate. View my complete profile.
  • A Message from the Directors : Southgate Church
    We've been commissioned to season the places we go to and the people we come in contact with. We are not to take on the flavors of the world around us, but instead, we are called to flavor the world. The heart and attitude of an intern ...