Vails Gate Churches

Vails Gate Churches
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Local News

  • “What Do You Call a Woman Priest?” | LadyFather
    He was not what anyone would call a liberal and certainly wasn't a supporter of the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church until somehow I managed to move him from one side of that issue to another. ... Back to the license plate – later that year, I was at Vail's Gate, NY on retreat when I met a woman who was the clergy chaplain for that week. I made an appointment to speak with her after lunch one day and as we got acquainted, I relayed to her the story of “Lady ...
  • saying goodbye to vails gate
    for most of my ordained life, the entrance to the convent of order of st. helena at vails gate has stood for me as a portal into a deeper understanding of hospitality and solitude, of deeper spirituality and prayer, and of understanding ...
  • Sisters leaving Vails Gate in search of new home |
    The order's members, including six ordained sisters at Vails Gate, will all move to the order's other convent in Augusta, Ga. But that's only temporary. They're looking for guidance from their church and the Holy Spirit to lead them to ...