Bethlehem Churches

Bethlehem Churches
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Local News

  • Maple Heights United Methodist Church: Walk to Bethlehem - Details
    The North Coast District's Wellness Ministry is conducting a 'Walk to Bethlehem' competition between churches. Miles are scaled up for smaller churches so that they're on an even playing field with larger churches). Anyone interested? ...
  • Fundamentally Reformed — My Story « Fundamentally Changed
    We visited a few other churches, a more moderate IFB church (later we came to view this as a mainstream IFB church), a Reformed Baptist church, and then what became our home church for the past 4 and a half years: Bethlehem Baptist, ...
  • Beyond Bethlehem: Sabeel Wave of Prayer
    Many voices from the church and community will offer their petitions for the people of this land. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers. Life in areas of conflict and occupation takes many tolls on people. ...