Waller Churches

Waller Churches
Let us know if you can't find the churches you're looking for in Waller, Texas.

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  • The Church of Engineering | Heretical Ideas Magazine
    The Church of Engineering. By Alex Waller. And then God turns away from me, back to His drafting table… September 16, 2009. A few days ago, Jonah Lehrer pointed to new research that suggests that the human brain is more energy efficient ...
  • SWGA Politics » Blog Archive » 9/11 Patriot's Day Prayer Gathering
    ... while not exactly in the Albany area per se, may be willing to “officiate” this event for you – and he is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. I might suggest contacting him. Can't hurt, for this type of event… Bill Waller Says: ... Bill, my friend, you have learned a valuable lesson in dealing with churches. First, never, never, never plan an event and hope the church will see a reason to join in–no matter how worthy the effort. And, second, if you do ask churches ...
  • Outreach Magazine releases it top 100 Fastest Growing and Largest ...
    Lifeway was involved in this research. Click the Blog title to read some fast facts about this research. Somebody call David Wilson and send him a link to this.