Fairhope Dancing Lessons

Fairhope Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Fairhope, Alabama.

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  • LightFeather Photography: Sharing A Sunset
    A real treat this week for me....having my Mother join me at the Fairhope Pier for a sunset. I took a photo of her to honor our time together and I am sharing it with you. It was a beautiful sunset with the fish jumping, the seagulls swooping down to pick out a morsel and the pelicans skimming the water. Posted by LightFeather at 8:11 AM ... Pause in the Dance. Pause in the Dance One last moment of glory as this leaf dances across a pasture. ...
  • Mississippi Monkey Shines: Grand Opening Week of the New Publix in ...
    Grand Opening Week of the New Publix in Fairhope! When we got back from dinner ( post on that will follow) we passed a BRAND NEW Publix which just happened to be having their grand opening. Just look at these mangos and kiwi fruits. Even the fresh greens were smiling and happy. .... Lisa: Married with two precious children. Interests include: cooking,clowning, belly dancing, trying to keep my hair straight, reading, and low carb-dieting. View my complete profile.
  • Fairhope Local Food Production Initiative - Gulf Coast Local Food
    The big band dance will be held at the Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship, 1150 Fairhope Avenue in Fairhope, across from the Baldwin County Satellite Court House, a few blocks east of U.S. 98. Dancing practice & tips 6:30 to 7 p.m.; ...