Burbank Dancing Lessons

Burbank Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Burbank, California.

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  • 2009 Come Out & Dance Schedule
    Come Out & Dance on Thursday nights in Downtown Burbank on the AMC Walkway. See live summer music concerts in July and August and get free dance lessons.
  • Stephanie's Adventures in Travel & Dining: September 2nd, 2009 ...
    Stephanie Burbank: Salt Lake City, Utah: Hi! I have been wanting to make a travel blog for quite some time but have not really put the time into doing so. I love traveling more than anything I have done so far in life. ... It was all dancing and super fun. I ordered tickets the day the tickets were first released and got us front and center aisle. It was WOW! We were sitting in the fog and we actually had to move our feet for the dancers to get around us. So awesome! ...
  • Tracy's blog: fun/ writing/ US5
    I checked out the site, and it's being run in Burbank, California, so I can 't go there. Now, I'm getting a flashback. Jay Leno did a segment on it called "Pitch to America." Today I noticed this paper on the floor, and I realized that it's ... They often encourage them to keep dancing and taking lessons. There are some bad dancing that I realize isn't as bad to the point that I'm cringing. But it's still bad. I'm watching day 1 of the Seattle auditions, and only 4 out of ...