Hamden Dancing Lessons

Hamden Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Hamden, Connecticut.

Local News

  • H a m r a k i R a g: Tai Chi (???)
    Alice at the Hampden Tavern has been very generously running raffles to help fund Tai Chi and ballroom dancing. We say a big thank you to Alice from the Hampden Activity Group. To keep Tai Chi classes going next year, at least 15 people ...
  • H a m r a k i R a g: Hall Survey Reveals
    Ballroom dancing. Educational lectures and classes with guest speakers. Sporting activities. Fun tournaments. Special interest courses and presentations. Sewing, knitting and handcraft classes. An internet connection. Develop a "drop-in" type atmosphere ... The Hamraki Rag is a community paper published monthly by the Hamraki Media for the area between Shag Point and Herbert including Hampden and Moeraki, Te Waka o Aoraki of New Zealand. 415 copies are home delivered in ...
  • Hampden, Hon « Dance by the Light
    How do I explain Hampden to those of you readers who are long-distance? It's hard. A cross between artsy, alternative, and white trash; it's famous for “The Avenue” (a main street of shops) and at Christmastime, crazy decorations on one ...