New Haven Dancing Lessons

New Haven Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in New Haven, Connecticut.

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  • Hoop Dancing Is My New Love!
    I'd see her and other bloggers like Gala Darling post about hoop dancing, and while I was definitely intrigued, it wasn't until I tried hooping myself that it really stuck. In many cities there are hoop dancing classes. ... I still haven't learned any fancy tricks yet or how to do much other than standard waist hooping. But I really, really want to! I've been thinking about ordering either the Hoopnotica DVDs or HoopDance For Beginners to see if I can teach myself some ...
  • ????: of pilates, rueda and more
    Went to the brand new Google campus today for a pilates audition/interview. It's the best audition/interview I had since I got here and began trying out for auditions ~ and I went for A LOT of interviews/auditions. ... There's a rueda dance class on Thursday evenings that I've been meaning to attend for forever. However, because of various reasons including the fact that evenings are reserved for P, I haven't managed to make it down even after two months. ...
  • Kiowa Gordon and Chaske Spencer Dancing With Fans! — New Moon Movie
    New Moon-ers Kiowa Gordon and Chaske Spencer gave fans a little treat - they dance with them during the Twi ... ... How come I haven't seen Team Kiowas around?! Kasiii.Team.S & Rob.In.A.Kilt. sooon sooon :))). Teamkiowa. Hellz, I've always been team Kiowa!!!! 30yearoldtwifan "Team Slade". OMG what would happen if RP was there or attempted to go to a convention? I shudder to think LOL He would get trampled.... TeamVampiresWearKilts_Commando ...