Tampa Dancing Lessons

Tampa Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Tampa, Florida.

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  • Tampa Bay Star Kicks Up Her Heels!
    ... of Tampa Bay Lightning fans and strutted across a beauty pageant stage in sky-high heels. She's appeared on national TV trying to be a Hilton and has a few movie credits to her name. But dance in a super skimpy outfit before a live.
  • Michael Jackson's final indignity: A 'Thriller' dance party at ...
    Pop quiz. You know a fad is played out when: 1. It plays a prominent role in a forgettable Jennifer Garner movie. 2. It turns a jailhouse full of Filipino criminals into worldwide celebrities. 3. Legos get involved. 4. It...
  • Tampa Bay PR Blog - Event Guide for this Weekend in Tampa Bay!
    What would a weekend be without Free Line Dance Lessons??!! It's Saturday at 8pm at Slingshots here in Tampa! So, if you love to Dance, come hang out at Slingshots on Saturday (and Saturdays) and learn from the best. ...