Watkinsville Dancing Lessons

Watkinsville Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Watkinsville, Georgia.

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  • Be like a Tree: Talk,Talk, and More Talk
    ... talk about dancing all the time, we should love God so much that we talk about HIM all the time. It should be something that is natural, not something we are doing because we have to. :). Posted by watkinsville fb youth at 4:57 AM ...
  • Local celebrities to shine in dance event - Out & About
    TIffany Williams, a senior from Watkinsville and a member of UGA Ballroom dance, and Pete McCommons, the editor of Flagpole, practice their routine for "Dancing with Athens Stars," premiering Sunday at 7 at the Classic Center. ... Prittie contacted 12 dance instructors who then met with "12 famous, or quasi-famous or at least well-liked people" in Athens to give them free dance lessons, she said. The pairs have had all winter to pick music, choreograph a routine and ...
  • Sasha needs your help dancing with the Athens stars | GayInAthens
    Mario Castro, co-owner of Ashford Manor, a boutique bed and breakfast in Watkinsville, believes Sasha is just what the dance competition needs. “It would be great to have a drag queen as part of this benefit,” Castro said. ...