Emmett Dancing Lessons

Emmett Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Emmett, Idaho.

Local News

  • Emmett Coulter Brown: 12 month check-up
    Emmett checked out great,. long and lean just like last time! Emmett will eat just about anything,. LOVES Jamba Juice,. dancing to his playlist on my Ipod is his favorite way to pass time-. whether in the car or at home:) ...
  • Emmet Swimming: The Dance : Insomnia Radio: Indie Music Network
    This track is from Emmet Swimming's newly re-released 2003 EP Bathing in the New Economy, brought out on their own label, Screaming Godess Records.
  • Beit Emmett: Yom Kippur
    Joel was next with some funky dancing and a knock knock joke. Will was next with a dance. Then Sarah sang "the Peanut sat on the railroad track" Chad danced to "Singing in the rain" and then some clogging steps. ...