Crest Hill Dancing Lessons

Crest Hill Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Crest Hill, Illinois.

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  • Inspired Mayhem: The Creation of "Bad Boy for Life"
    I chose the location for the rails there, and because dancing in front of a church had a nice "bad boy" quality to it. But I was immediately drawn to the pay phone, and the yellow receiver just made it that much more interesting to play with. ... Thus, I took advantage of a rooftop parking garage to place my tripod, as I danced at the crest of the adjoining roof. I've been kicked out of a lot of places while making these videos, so for a video called "Bad Boy for Life", ...
  • Your guide to today, tomorrow and beyond - El Paso Times
    26 at St. Francis on the Hill Church, 6280 Los Robles. Bring your animals to join the fun for a Blessing of the Animals between 10:10 and 10:30 a.m. Stay afterward for food and fun, including a secondhand store and a Country & Western Gospel at 1:30. 584-5967. ..... Belly dance class for beginners will be Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. at Hallmark Dance Essentials, 8935 Gateway South. Instructor trained in Turkey and Egypt. $45 a month or $7 drop-in. 204-7228. ...
  • Bike Tango: PCR Training Ride
    My legs were going but Brad cruised up the hill past almost everyone and kept going. I trailed them to the top but at the crest when everyone was fryied I dropped the hammer, hard. I wasn't really trying to be an ass but, hey, I had to catch my ride home. Brad was like 100 yrds up. It was fun. Dropped em all like a brick. ... Profile. biketango: The Minnie Apple, MN: I'm just a dude who likes bikes, music, ramblin' and Dancing on my Pedals. View my complete profile ...