Bowling Green Dancing Lessons

Bowling Green Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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  • BG Views - Unique dance brought to Bowling Green
    Bowling Green resident David Dupont said he particularly liked this part of the night. “It added another level of spontaneity to the performance,” he said. At the end of the event, Shakti called everyone up to dance alongside her. ...
  • Fall 2009 Events Calendar | Toledo Newspaper
    7-9 p.m. Oct. 6, Wood County Historical Center & Museum, 13360 County Home Road, Bowling Green. $1-$4. Reservations: (419) 352-0967 or Dance Dance Revolution: Beginners can learn how to play this groove-based ...
  • Britney Spears | Page 3 | Liveblog live blogging
    Britney Spears Practices Her Dance Moves For the Circus (via...: Poste.. by britney_trax via twitter at 10/2/2009 3:29:31 PM. Britney Spears News Britney Spears Practices Her Dance Moves For the Circus (via. ... I'd like to thank the owner of the black Jetta who just allowed all of Bowling Green to hear Britney Spears' Circus. by fivecentfloyd via twitter at 10/2/2009 3:26:24 PM. New Slimming / Weightloss article: Britney Spears' Ab Workout Revealed Video ...