Breaux Bridge Dancing Lessons

Breaux Bridge Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Local News

  • The Independent - Dancing in the dust
    Fuselier's subject is the integration of La Poussiere, which means "the dust," the Breaux Bridge dance hall that has been overtly and covertly whites-only since its inception in 1955. He wasn't talking about 1964, when the Federal Civil ...
  • Cajun Delights: Double-Header Zydeco Breakfast !
    Marlene- You need a high carb breakfast just to dance one song. Quite a fun work out! John- It's a bit too early for me, too, but once in a while, I manage. The menu is fabulous! Carol- If your friend lives in Breaux Bridge, ...
  • Ms. enPlace: Joe Hall & the Zydeco Breakfast at Cafe Des Amis
    Both tourists and regulars attend, eat, dance, and have fun. By the time the band starts, the place is packed, but that just adds to the peppy, friendly feel. It's casual and there's crazy crap written on the to read while I try to wake up, ... Cafe Des Amis is located in Breaux Bridge, LA (aka Pont Breaux). The Zydeco Breakfast menu as well as lunch and dinner menus and a schedule of bands can be found here. Cafe Des Amis is in a quaint area of Breaux Bridge, ...