Zachary Dancing Lessons

Zachary Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Zachary, Louisiana.

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    I'll dedicate that post of Alli and Zach dancing to you!! Also- please notice I was thinking of you when writing of Sunday's activities...I mentioned the ones not here... ...still- no excuse not to remember... It's quite UN-Ginga-Like! ...
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    Just because one guy did it doesn't make it ok. It didn't work in grade school it shouldn't work now. Yes, some expert consultation is prudent. But the expense of full time consulants with no authority should be questioned. Zach W ...
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    Kendall tells Zach that Liza is a desperate woman. She should know, she is one too. She asks Zach what was said between him and Liza at the dance marathon. As he tells her, they argue. She wishes he had told Liza that he loves her best. ...