Clemmons Dancing Lessons

Clemmons Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Clemmons, North Carolina.

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  • The-Eternal-Dance: Angela Clemmons - Angela Clemmons
    03 When You're Through I'll Be Waiting. 04 Giving It Away. 05 Fill You Up. 06 Keep It Warm For Me. 07 Let Me Feel Your Love Again. 08 Sure Thing. 09 Mine. Geplaatst door koning64 op woensdag, september 09, 2009. Labels: Angela Clemmons ...
  • The road to a dream's reality: The Pass Around
    Now I have gotten to the point where Dave Clemmons casting had called me in for invited dance calls, but that is most a nonequity agency, so to be called by her was awesome in itself. This is where it got weird though, ...
  • Spawn of MZone: Et Tu Toney ?
    ... the one he calls himself Baby Jesus) and laughed when I saw him dance on the field. High School football stars do stupid things in their own fishbowls. In the midst of our 3 win nightmare, Toney Clemons was there. He got yelled at. ...