Kernersville Dancing Lessons

Kernersville Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Kernersville, North Carolina.

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    If he is this person he don't seem to have the video on the Kernersville girls dancing and James Oldfield's Pray for Zack video that he could post there. To have this many shows recorded it would seem they would have these as well as ...
  • NC Music History Dot Com
    ... Frontier Supper Club, Glenn High School Hi-Y Dance, Grey High School, Hillcrest Supper Club, Jay's Dance Land (Walnut Cove), Kernersville Community Center, Kernersville Dance Land, La Chateau Restaurant, Mountain Springs Restaurant, ...
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    Head Coach. X-49er's Avatar. Join Date: Jun 11, 2004. Location: Kernersville, NC. Posts: 4081. I still love Road House and the first two North & South mini series'. RIP Patrick. ... Originally Posted by Jimmyhat49er View Post. Can't pass Road House on the tv without watching it. Love Red Dawn, Point Break and Outsiders as well. And gotta give it to him for Ghost and Dirty Dancing. One the the best Mullets in cinema history. RIP ...