Bayonne Dancing Lessons

Bayonne Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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  • Looking for online adult personals bayonne nj usa?
    Are you from Bayonne? My name's Emely. I enjoy sports, especially hockey. Would love to take dance lessons, but need a partner to learn with! ...But...If I just find a good friend I will be also happy :) i like to watch movies in the ...
  • Dance Vader
    Haha you rocks doing the robot dance ^^;. Thanks for the fun, and looking forward next episodes!! Sat 2007/07/21 19:09:58 JST (ID #52217). reply to lu-k's comment. lu-k in Bayonne, France (Registered on 2007/01/07) Software Developer ...... Vader needs a bit of dancing lessons. Pray that he doesn't force-choke the dance instructor. Sun 2007/07/22 11:16:49 JST (ID #145796). reply to Hangmen13's comment. howie huang in Toronto, Ontario (Registered on 2007/07/21) Student ...
  • Out of the Inkbottle: Emmeline Zavistowski
    The Dancing Goat: Illustrator living and working in the Southern slice of the cake that is the continent of Australia. I am researching and writing a biography of Robert Sparrow Smythe (1833-1917) manager, journalist and a man of great ... So Emmeline Inez Shailer (nee Zavistowski) ended her days as a 'Family' Hotel Proprietress in Bayonne although she is not on the 1901 Census. She may have been looking after her mother her lived nearby but I could not find her anywhere. ...