Hackensack Dancing Lessons

Hackensack Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Local News

  • Janet Carlson: Real Ballroom Dancing for Regular People
    Anyone who hears I'm a ballroom dancer invariably says, "Oh, I'm dying to start ballroom dancing." And then they explain why they haven't, or why they gave it up after a couple of disappointing lessons. .... But you're right to mention the West Coast Swing chapters and dance groups in general. I like going to Battista's dance studio in Hackensack, NJ, for the Friday or Saturday night parties, when you can dance with some really good dancers for $15--that turns out to be ...
  • La Musique Francophone 22.08.09
    Lac du Bois – Hackensack ... We held the big dance in Champagne tonight, which created a slightly more intimate and secure atmosphere for dancing. Villagers stayed out a little late tonight to get in all the dancing possible. Luckily we're sleeping in tomorrow for our grasse matinée Sunday à la Française! Want to see our village in action? Check out our Flickr site for tons of pictures each day: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ldbhackensack/. This entry was posted in News. ...
  • Le Cameroun 20.08.09
    Lac du Bois – Hackensack ... Today's theme, Cameroon, highlighted this Francophone country's food and dance traditions. Our staff wore a tenue camerounaise all day long to set the mood around out site. After Plaisirs d'Amour this evening we all headed to the soccer field to partake in sign making, soccer games, face painting and jeux divers, each family representing a different Francophone country in Africa. Lively dance in Champagne followed up these activities with our ...