Trenton Dancing Lessons

Trenton Dancing Lessons
Let us know if you can't find the dancing lessons you're looking for in Trenton, New Jersey.

Local News

  • Virtually PJ: Grand Opening of the Au Cafe and Gallery (August 29)
    12pm : DJ Lynda @ the cafe (She's hot, she's stylish and she has plenty of good tunes to make you dance) 1pm : DJ Penny @ the cafe (sixties psychedelic, punk, celtic rock and a DJ with mega intelligence... and a quirky sense of humour) ... PJ Trenton: Photographer and graphic designer in Second Life. Chief Executive Officer of Exposure Art Gallery and Render Design in SL. Photographer for The Primgraph and Prim Perfect Magazines. Photographer and designer of the Quest for ...
  • Weekly Happenings!
    Tina takes tap-dancing lessons. Tap! Tap! Tap! She taps all day. She has no time for toys or games. She'd really rather tap than play. From The Teacher's Desk. Writer's Workshop. We have begun something new. Each day, your child will be ...
  • Big Green Alert Blog: The Big Dance and a Guy Named Cha-Cha
    The Big Dance and a Guy Named Cha-Cha. We're back from something-less-than glorious Trenton, N.J., after watching the underdog Dartmouth women's basketball team take No. 9 Rutgers to the final 13 seconds of their opening-round NCAA ...