Massachusetts Wedding DJ's

Massachusetts Wedding DJ's
Let us know if you can't find the djs you're looking for in Massachusetts.

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    Service: DJ. Location: Los Angeles. Jonathan. Business: Mervis Diamond Importers. Service: Jewelry. Location: Washington, DC. Jacki. Business: Wedding Tresses. Service: Beauty and Health. Location: Boston, MA & Newport, RI ...
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    My parents did not want to be worrying about the processional, paying the DJ, or putting out favors while their guests were left to fend for themselves. Deciding on the right company and the right package was much harder than I thought, though. ..... Graduate Student Engagement Date: January 2009 Wedding Date: January 2010 Venue: Trinity Presbyterian Church/Harrison Opera House About Me: I'm a Homeland Security Consultant with a tendency towards pulling office pranks, ...
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    Miss Cloud, Richmond Age and Occupation: 25, Sales Rep Fiance's Age and Occupation: 26, Customer Service Manager/DJ Engagement Date: February 14, 2008 Wedding Date: November 2009 Venue: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart & The Jefferson ... We are complete opposites, resulting in a wedding to include bridesmaids in pearls and groomsmen in Adidas shell toes. I'm a sorority girl at heart with strong addictions to my blackberry, cherry Chapstick, Coach purses, the Boston Red Sox ...