Muscle Shoals Bridesmaid Dresses

Muscle Shoals Bridesmaid Dresses
Let us know if you can't find the dresses you're looking for in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Local News

  • Alabama Ass Whuppin': DBT Week in Review - 8/28/09
    word is bond, -Patrick". ______. Muscle Shoals Sound. Former George Jones songwriter left fame behind | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL: "Welcome to Hobbyland, Montgomery's Sheffield store - a pack rat's nirvana. But there is a history behind the guy selling those aged prom dresses and greeting cards. He's penned more than 70 songs for country legend George Jones." ______. Music. Dylan all over the news lately: Bob Dylan to become the voice of your satnav? ...
  • Green Olive Media: We Love Billy - Make No Bones About It
    Ever since the first time we visited Muscle Shoals with our friends from the Southern Foodways Alliance, we have sported the fine handiwork of Billy Reid. Billy and his lovely wife Jeanne are to fashion what Frank and Pardis Stitt are to ... We love giving the gift of Billy Reid -- and receiving Billy Reid gifts (hint hint) -- Chef Sean Brock gifted a cool t-shirt to Jeff last year, I gave Kempten an amazing purple silk top in honor of her bridesmaid dresses a while back, ...
  • the "B" side: Solomon Burke - What Am I Living For (Bell 783)
    In 1969, Solomon signed with Bell Records and showed up in Muscle Shoals with his 'partner' Tamiko Jones. Together they would produce some of the greatest records he'd ever recorded. Today's B side is one of those. .... As you can tell, this really was one of the defining moments of my life (it sure beat the hell out of having to pick out bridesmaid's gowns and all of that stuff!), and we never could have planned it, it just turned out that way. ...