Illinois Bridesmaid Dresses

Illinois Bridesmaid Dresses
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  • Wonderful Striped Wedding Attire
    If you are having a preppy wedding, pink and green stripes are perfect, especially when paired with pearl bridesmaid jewelry. For summer weddings, you cannot beat the fresh and easy look of seersucker striped bridesmaid dresses, ...
  • nurse on the run: Sweet Home Chicago – 20 Miler!
    I'm a bit sad that I'm sitting here posting on Saturday night, as that means I'm all by myself (cue: tears), but my friends are tired and my parents aren't back yet from the University of Illinois football game. How sad. Anyway. ... Awesome . My friend (the other bridesmaid) and I are generally the life of the party when it comes to David's Bridal, and this time was no different. We like to dance around (you have to dance-test-drive the dresses!), and we're pretty fun so ...
  • Everything But The Dress: Tips for Being a Better Bridesmaid
    A no pressure check in lets her know you're there if she needs you. 5. Don't bitch to the bride. Hate your dress? Loathe the Junior Bridesmaid? Keep it to yourself or find a friend who's not in the wedding to complain to. ... We are the ladies of the Left Bank Jewelry in Chicago, Illinois. Our Parisian style boutique is a slice of vintage and modern bridal charm. We specialize in wedding jewelry and accessories including the Midwest's largest selection of bridal shoes. ...