Crete Bridesmaid Dresses

Crete Bridesmaid Dresses
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    I asked to see some dresses, tried on a few and picked one that needed a bit of alteration. They thought it might be a bit of a struggle getting it ready in time for me to fly out to Greece, but it was only when another customer came in that ... was absolutely amazing throughout the whole wedding, arranging surprise fireworks after the ceremony, a room for me and my bridesmaids to get ready in, looking after the relatives arriving at ridiculous times of the day and night, ...
  • Cariad in Crete: Why Don't I Keep My Nose Out of Things..
    Although they would make unique favours/or bridesmaids gifts don't you think? Wedding & Diet? - Two words that didn't go together for me either... Just buy a huuuuge hat that will take up all the attention! - not long now!(Eeek & Squeak sound being sent to .... We have a family wedding coming up in October and I have optimistically asked my mother to bring me a dress from M&S. Now I have to make sure I'll fit in it! Liz. 19 August 2009 17:49 · Julia said... Oh good lord! ...
  • Fashion Incubator » Blog Archive » News From You 4/18/08
    I see it as a way one could finally recycle horrid bridesmaid's dresses one was required to purchase or make. And speaking of clothing donations, Treehugger says there's a clothing library in Western Australia that lends clothes out to .... Not that I'm turning my nose up at Crete in any way. Love that place! Both used to be part of the mythical Atlantis empire you know. :) Well that is my theory anyways. Based on very little scientific or archaeological fact of course :) ...