Cookeville Bridesmaid Dresses

Cookeville Bridesmaid Dresses
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  • El amor de la vida...the love of life: Swinging back into things
    I've helped my friend Amanda plan her wedding a little bit...we went dress shopping and had some success, I'm super excited about my bridesmaid dress; it's gorgeous! I've also spent a lot of time with my bud Ellen, chilling, watching movies and ... This past weekend, I drove to Nashville twice and road once to Knoxville, plus a lot of driving back and forth between Cookeville and Sparta...I think I'm making up for the lost driving time while I was down in Mexico, lol. ...
  • A Delightful Day - Event Planning - Blog: Downtown Nashville Wedding
    Sarah and Hunter reside in Cookeville where Hunter co-owns with his father Tasmanian Rain, a bottled water company. They had many guests who were flying thousands of miles from Australia to be a part of this wedding and wanted them to get a true personal ... Sarah_hunter_w_121_1 Sarah's gorgeously understated colors were gray and white with accents of pink. The bridesmaids wore a gray cocktail dress, with a pink pashmina to cover their shoulders from the brisk March air. ...
  • A much needed weekend! Princess Page's Bachelorette Party!
    O-- she gave us our bridesmaid dresses while we were there! AND they are beautiful! Can't wait!!! So Sunday we got up very slowly! Cleaned the house and got ready for the bridal shower! It was a major success and S got some very pretty ...