Hurst Bridesmaid Dresses

Hurst Bridesmaid Dresses
Let us know if you can't find the dresses you're looking for in Hurst, Texas.

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  • miles to go...: Tis the season!
    And she asked me to be a bridesmaid!! Woo, that's 2 weddings this year for me to be in, I'm on my way to 27 dresses..step off Katherine Heigl! The other night I drove out to McKinney to go out with Mike and Sherese and some of their friends that I've met before. It's so funny when I go out there ... Some friends and I discovered that Hurst cops don't like Christmas carolers……..soooo some of us are going out tonight to just look at Christmas lights and drink hot chocolate! ...
  • Garden Update
    These are the color you'd get on a bridesmaid dress for your littlest cousin. Even the plants in the fish pond are in bloom. I like these, but I'm really waiting for the big reeds to make their flowers. Purple, again, and shaped like ...
  • Kimberly Hurst Photography » A friend gets married
    Hey, hey. Emily and Deb looking like the fun loving and pretty bridesmaids they are! Our girl had to be cut out of her tank top in order to get in her dress without mussing up her hair and makeup. We all enjoyed that a little too much! ...