Provo Bridesmaid Dresses

Provo Bridesmaid Dresses
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  • Featured Wedding {Sarah & Phil} ยป
    After several meetings and fittings, Eve made sure the gown was perfect before the bride took it home. Bridesmaids' dresses: Shabby Apple Boutique. Custom sashes and slips made by mother of the bride. Tuxedo Rental: DC Tuxedos in Provo, ...
  • a*may*zing: Our Story -- Can I get a WITNESS???
    I arranged to stay with a friend in Provo. The entire week, Superman kept trying to trick me into thinking he was going to propose. The first night I was there, he asked me to get something from fridge. .... We even used the same bridesmaid dresses. Superman and I decided to get married in Nauvoo, Illinois. The closest temple to us was in Oklahoma City, a three hour drive. That would've been fine, but it's a mini-temple and basically, I wanted a really picturesque temple. ...
  • The Chocolate Chip Waffle: Writing in the car wash
    During a wedding dinner last spring I took notes of the bridesmaids tattoos, Kelly green dresses, and gorgeous hair flowers, all while waiting for our main course to arrive. I live looking for a few free minutes ... For example, driving to Provo, Utah means six hours of writing time. Surprisingly, it passes as quickly as the blur of concrete ribbon outside my window. Ben drives while the kids read Goosebumps, Clifford, and Bionicles. And for a few hours I feel spoiled: I ...