Lake Worth Wedding Vendors

Lake Worth Wedding Vendors
Let us know if you can't find the local wedding vendors you're looking for in Lake Worth, Florida.

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    Wedding Reviews This is the place to share your review about your resort, vendors, etc. ... They are not cheap, but you will always get more than your money is worth. They charged us $50/person for the reception dinner, but they served guacamole, ceviche, lobster tails, grilled mahi mahi, shrimp, and wonderful chocolate cake for desert. On our last night there they made us a special dinner for $50/person. It was supposed to be a 5 course dinner. ...
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    After the shopping was all done ST & L went to the movies while I helped decorate for a wedding. A friend of #7 was getting married the next day. They held the ceremony and dinner in a small cabin on the lake and decorated in a winter ... I did my best to take wedding photos. I think I need more practice before I try to do that again, but I might have gotten one or two that will be worth printing. And I need to remember to take the tripod next time, with the lower light ...
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