Billings Wedding Florists

Billings Wedding Florists
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  • ยป Wedding: Elaine & Quentin
    Other pre-nuptial parties included a Christmas ornament shower hosted by Dana and Dora Breeden; a couple's shower hosted by Lawana Billings, Gail Madden and Shawn Peek; a cocktails and hors d'oeuvres shower hosted by Cindi Kinne and ...
  • The story thus far...: Today's the day
    Sunday, Dec 21-24 - Snowed in; Wedding postponed. Saturday, Dec 20 - Jerry fetches Mom back to Olympia Friday, Dec 19 - Chiropractor; Florist; Fedex; Church to pick up chafing dishes & water pitchers; Mom up to Seattle; Gym; Cash & Carry for last shopping ... Wednesday, Nov 12 - Denver, CO to Billings, MT Tuesday, Nov 11 - Denver, CO Monday, Nov 10 - Kansas City, MO to Denver, CO Sunday, Nov 9 - Midway, KY to Kansas City, MO Saturday, Nov 8 - Rogersville to Midway, KY ...
  • A Day at The Beauchamps: Hoarder-line
    There's a vintage cup and plate, a frame of a poem from our wedding, and a bowl of dried flowers from various weddings and funerals we have attended. Not to mention a sun and moon candle I had in high school, some sort of little troll guy, .... Under Pressure - Things I should be doing instead of obsessing about David Bowie and Queen: 1. Billing some clients so I can pay my bills. 2. Working so I can bill so I can p... 4 days ago. Motherhood Rocks...So Does Naptime! ...