Yankton Wedding Florists

Yankton Wedding Florists
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  • Wedding boogie debate | Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Whaley remembers one out-of-the-box wedding in his hometown of Yankton, S.D., in the early 1970s, that didn't catch on. “The bride walked down the aisle to the altar,” he said. “She turned and whistled and then the groom came down. ...
  • A DOCTOR IN GALILEE: Hawaii sans Vim and Vigor
    Arriving in Hawaii this time with the lame excuse of attending a wedding of a second cousin of Didi's, both of us felt uncomfortable at encroaching on a friend's or a relative's privacy by crashing in for more than a couple of nights. .... At least that is how it felt when Djon, my Catholic-Chinese-Indonesian ex-college-roommate from Yankton College and UH days and current cardiologist brother in Hilo, and I made the snap decision to go on a two-day hike. ...
  • A DOCTOR IN GALILEE: Mahmoud Darwish
    We had missed the wedding party of her first grandson and we had to congratulate the newlyweds. Much as I resisted, I had to accept some of the sweets and fresh fruits offered. It would be too rude not to. .... Two years later, lonely and disenchanted as a foreign student in Yankton College in South Dakota , I attempted to write in my mother tongue again. My poems were stillborn and I keep them till today as a memento of the loss of creativity I once had. ...