Daphne Formal Wear

Daphne Formal Wear
Let us know if you can't find the formal wear you're looking for in Daphne, Alabama.

Local News

  • Cristy's Creation: New Snow Boots
    Daphne got some new snow boots and loves them. She likes to wear them all of the time. Including to the grocery store with her dress on...super cute. Even pj's and snow boots. This evening she wanted to play in the water instead of ...
  • Wedding World Wednesdays
    Bridesmaid's Gown: Bridal Showroom (Oklahoma City, OK). Flower Girls Dresses: Susie Henry (Huntsville, AL). Groomsmen Tuxes: Jim's Formal Wear. For more real weddings view: Jim Little Photography.
  • So it's true: the beauty gap between the sexes IS widening ...
    [Daphne - Quoting Noel Gallagher on rock bands who insist on hectoring us about poverty: "OK, now can we just have a nice evening?' People are more interested in these sorts of things than they are in Bahrija - sad for the earnest ...... To make it worse some of them try to wear cloths that are not good for that kind of figureā€¦.and even expose parts that are better to be kept covered in such conditions. This also applies for males because I saw cases where I was amazed ...